Upcoming Events


We are going to meet on election night at Gallaghers on 32nd Street and Baseline! Gallaghers is very centrally located, so it will be a great location to meet folks from all over. Big room, lots of TVs, going to be great! It will be a free event, just buy a drink or food or something. I will be there from about 6pm to 10pm. (Gallaghers, NOT Half Moon) --Map Below--

3220 East Baseline Road #100
Phoenix, AZ 85042
(602) 437-0981

Come no matter what, but if possible, please email how many are coming in your group and approximate time of your arrival, so I can tell the restaurant how much space to reserve for us. (Even if you responded to the general inquiry before, please respond again to this specific location.) I will be there from about 6pm to 10pm. Thanks.