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Our List of Pragerisms

--Prefer clarity over agreement
--First tell the truth, then your opinion
--There are two races in the world, the decent and the indecent
--Experts are for facts, not policy.
--Compassion to one group, is cruelty to another
--Saying that killing is ALWAYS wrong is Immoral
--Being on the left means never having to say your sorry
--Being on the left means you never have to ask what comes next
--The baby-boomer generation, inaugurated the age of stupidity
--Taxes are the force removal of your money at gunpoint, with the threat of being kidnapped.
--Thank God my ancestors came to America, whatever the cause, and however the means... Thank God!
--Don't judge a religion, judge its practitioners
--Gratitude is the Holy Grail of Happiness
--Ingratitude is one of the worst human traits
--Courage is one of the rarest human traits
--I'd rather my kid smoke than cheat
--It's a moral obligation to be happy
--Your mood is like the way you smell. You have an obligation not to subject others to a foul smell, or mood for that matter
--Conservatives believe human beings are basically flawed, and Liberals believe human beings are inherently good.
--A baby is not good, it is innocent and narcissistic
--Don't judge motives, judge actions
--Don't use a storekeeper's time if you do not intend to buy something
--Call your parents once a week
--Those who don't believe in God don't believe in nothing, They will believe in anything
--Those who are cruel to animals are likely to be cruel to humans, But those who are kind to animals are not necessarily going to be kind to humans
-- A parent is only as happy as their least happy child
--Clothing can mark an occasion as special. You dignify an occasion - and yourself - by dressing up
--If you want to know what is special about America, just look at what is printed on our coins 1) In God We Trust 2) E Pluribus Unum (from many, one) and 3) Liberty
--BM=bad mood, not bowel movement, although they have the same effect on others around you.
--The longer one is in college, the dumber they get - colleges may teach knowledge, but they don't teach wisdom.
--There should be capital punishment for slow drivers in the left lane
--The happy get happier and the unhappy get unhappier. It's that simple, folks.
--Quoting Abe Lincoln: "People are as happy as they decide to be."
--The moody may be unhappy but they're not stupid. They never marry one of their own.
--Does diversity of ethnicity & color trump diversity of values? Can we have diversity of viewpoints and not just race?
--One definition of Wisdom is the ability to know things you haven't experienced!

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